Bisimoto Engineering X Tetsuma

  • 1 min read

Bisimoto Engineering is now synonymous with pushing the boundaries of what is possible in converting traditional internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles. Their work on converting a Porsche 911 into an electric race car using the Kremer Racing 935 K3 body shape is a prime example of what's been done and what's down the road for Bisimoto.

We took enormous interest in the Bisimoto 935 K3V after our founder, Tommy Hua, took sight of this beautiful vehicle at a Los Angeles toy drive charity event organized by Sean Lee and the Purist Group. Our company specializes in recreating real cars into miniature models with hyper-realistic details. We immediately contacted Bisi Ezerioha, who also wanted a model that would show off its unique design features and showcase its new direction for the next generations of car enthusiasts. Working closely with Bisi from Bisimoto Engineering, we spent several months designing a model to replicate the car's sleek curves and sharp lines. The model's interior was carefully designed and features a full resin replica of the working electric vehicle's roll cage, seats, shifter, and steering wheel. The lightweight resin used allowed greater detail to be added to the exterior, such as the carbon fiber front splitter, rear spoiler, and side mirrors.

Bisimoto and Tetsuma have unofficially unveiled the 1:64 scale model on their respective social media pages. The model car is now available for pre-sale at $95 USD on our website.