2021 Exclusive Launch Models

Porsche 911 (964 ) Restomod

Limited Edition: 504 Units Worldwide

Available Now

Tetsuma Story

Welcome to Tetsuma, a community-based automotive lifestyle brand that circles around car culture and the people behind it. We offer automotive-inspired apparel, model cars, automotive artwork, and exclusive memorabilia that fuels your passion for all things auto. We’re a high powered, close-knit family of car enthusiasts specializing in dynamic content and precision-engineered products , and we aim to grow and thrive as a community, ultimately lifting each other up through a common love of cars. Through acceptance, openness, and diversity we want to forge a passionate online community of dreamers and doers. We celebrate not only the vehicles themselves but the knights that drive them. We are a platform for individuals that measure their ambitions in horsepower and their passion by the mile. And of course, as a reminder that when you’re behind the wheel, nothing else matters. We strongly believe that no matter what life throws at you, all that matters is clutch, shift, gas, and repeat. This is strictly for automotive enthusiasts, so turn back now if you hate the smell of high-octane fuel and early morning wheeled crusades. Thanks for stopping into Tetsuma, but don’t sit too long. The open road awaits!